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My name is Manuel-Enrique Posada González.
I am an Industrial Engineer, Superior degree, specialized in Industrial Organization working as a Consulting Engineer since 1974.
I am the member number 244 of the Illustrious College of Industrial Engineers of Galicia (Spain).
I have finished my studies in Barcelona (ETSIIB) in 1973, this year 2000, I will have 27 years of professional experience.
My computer experience begins in the 1967 year with IBM and the chief of computer center The Savings Bank Caja Rural and Coren-Uteco Cooperative.
At this time, in the Engineer's School we had two computers of paper tape of eigth perforated positions or bits.
In the IBM center of studies we worked with 80 bytes cards with 80 columns of eigth holes or bits. The RAM memory were plates with toroids of ferrite that were magnetized and oriented as an "0" or an "1". The weight and volume of the computers were very high but lower than before.
It was a change that I had see during my working life. From the IBM 1120 to the Pentium III

This is the Industrial Engineers School of Barcelona Polytechnical University

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